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Moving! June 12, 2009

Posted by aikorin in *Site.
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Hi everyone!

After a staggering 3 months at Eien, I’ve decided to move blogs.  The reason is that the song has become kind of tainted for me, plus the URL is too long, plus the Japanese characters don’t show up on anything except newer versions of browsers and I didn’t really get the URL I wanted when I first made the blog, so yeah, I decided to switch. I kind of do things on a whim sometimes, but anyways.

My new blog is…


Yes, it is named after that Ayu interlude on Next Level; it’s something I’m terribly in love with right now.

I promise I will never ever swith URLs again. Discomunication is here to stay!

It will just be a continuation of what I have posted on Eien, I’ve already moved all my entries there. Nothing much is changing except for the URL.
I’d appreciate it if you guys changed your blogroll links as well – I’m in the process of re-adding all of the links.

For some stats:
Thanks for 2902 (omg!) views! Beyond the Sea is the biggest referrer – thanks a lot Lex!
The most popular post is the Jdrama Spring Preview, followed by Arashi’s Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon post.

Also, I’m computer-less at the moment and using a library computer to do all my posting and I haven’t gotten a chance to make a new banner yet (it will most likely feature Perfume).
So please bear with the plain old grassy banner (I know it’s boring and all but I will definitely get my computer next week).

Sorry if this causes you guys trouble and see you over at Discomunication!